[New Spell] Falling Apart

Falling Apart

Chalk and Koram burst into the cellar of the ancient tower and zeroed in on Valance. Chalk tossed a bag into the priest of the Spider God’s lap. Muffled cursing came back from the sack.

Valance opened the bag and looked in, then he grinned an evil grin. Reaching in he brought out the animated head of a familiar elf bounty hunter. He set the head on the oak table.

‘Falwin got away from us, but this works too. Had a scroll handy and we thought this would be a nice way for you to get even with them for that time they put your head in a bag and we had to way to get it back,’ Chalk said.

‘What are you going to do to me?’ hissed the bounty hunter.

Valance leaned forward and glared at the elf. He shook a sleeve and a half a dozen eerie green spiders crawled from his sleeve.

‘It isn’t about what I am going to do to you, but what they are.’

Koram had to leave, the screaming was too much for him.

Falling Apart (Magic-User)

Level 5

Range: 10′

Duration: Until one is put back together.

A type of advanced curse, Falling Apart causes one target within 10′ of the caster to make a saving throw versus spells at -1 or slowly come apart (this takes three rounds for human sized creatures, two for smaller, up to six for giant sized creatures). Those affected do not bleed, but their limbs and head separate from the torso, leaving them helpless and reduced to a movement of 3′. It takes one round per extremity to reattach the limb or head. All attacks by the affected do half damage, rounded down.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Falling Apart

  1. eltf177 says:

    Not your usual spell! I’m guessing the victim cannot reattach limbs, it must be some outside party?

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