[New Spell] Fiery Righteousness

Fiery Righteousness

Something heavy pound on the door of the adventurer’s hideout in the ruins of the ancient city.

‘What now?’ Koram asked.

The old door splintered and cracked.

‘Priests of Law! We are looking for the one who follows the Spider God!’

‘Well, that answered that,’ Chalk replied as he quickly thought of a spell to cast at the door.

Six men burst into the room, and then they were engulfed in flames that did not seem to harm them or their belongings. Everyone looked at Valance.

‘I got nothing on this one,’ he replied.

Knat stepped forward and threw a spell at the priest of Law. A spray of water doused the flames on two of the men, the remaining four charged forward growling.

‘Better think of something quick!’ Koram yelled as he drew his Crystal Sword. ‘If we get caught fighting these guys we will be hanged for sure!’

Fiery Righteousness (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: 10′ + 5′ per level.

Duration: Two turns.

This spell causes the casting cleric or priest and anyone within range on the side of the caster (side meaning same faith, alignment or allegiance) to burst into flames that do no damage to these subjects, but will burn anyone in contact with them. This religious fire causes 1d4 extra points of damage per attack, or per round to opponents that are held or pinned by those consumed in these divine (or infernal) flames. One gallon or more of water that comes into contact with an individual with this spell cast upon them will automatically douse the flames.

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One Response to [New Spell] Fiery Righteousness

  1. trey says:

    Whoa. Fiery righteousness is the best kind of righteousness.

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