[New Spell] Scattered Order

Scattered Order

Valance nodded at Chalk and summoned spiders to attack.

As the titanic arachnids rushed at the strange archmage the latter cast a spell. Suddenly he had a dagger in his hands and had dispatched one of the horrific spiders already, seemingly before it got to him.

Valance blinked in disbelief.

‘This will be interesting,’ groaned Chalk.


Scattered Order (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Immediate area.

Duration: Instantaneous (affects 1d4 turns).

An obscure bit of chaotic magic from a bygone era, Scattered Order causes initiative rolls to become randomly decided for 1d4 turns. To simulate this effect first everyone rolls initiative normally, obviously the caster wants to change this order and casts the spell, have a deck of cards handy, the cards represent the new order of initiative that the spell has created. If the caster does not like the result of their card, he or she gets one extra draw per turn that the spell is in effect.

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