[New Magic Item] Tireless Chariot

Tireless Chariot

The sound of the thing could be heard on the stones of the highway from miles away.

‘Gather your things, everyone, this cannot be good!’ Chalk yelled.

Everyone in the ruins scampered and tried to collect their belongings as fast as they could. Before too long the adventurers scrambled to the remaining level of the ruined tower.

Silver and bronze horses glimmered in the late afternoon sun as a chariot thundered into town. A bent archmage and two of his henchmen stepped off of the thing and looked around.

‘They aren’t looking for us, are they?’ Koram asked.

‘If they weren’t looking for us to start trouble with that would be a first,’ commented Valance.

Four mechanical horses of bronze, copper and silver draw this magical chariot over land at an effortless pace. Thought lost for untold centuries, it is rumored to have been seen recently in the possession of a rogue wizard and his colleagues. Originally owned by an obscure demigod that acted as a messenger between deities, it is also rumored that this entity has resurfaced from another plane and is eager looking for his conveyance.

Benefit: A massive relic from a lost age, the Tireless Chariot is a magical vehicle that will carry up to four human sized occupants and can bear 8,000 gold pieces of weight. Four horses pull this chariot overland at a pace up to 250′, through any type of terrain (but not through obstacles or barriers). This vehicle is not equipped for war, although the horses can be directed to trample a foe for 4d6 damage per turn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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