[New Magic Item] Horn of the Chimera

Horn of the Chimera

Valance rolled his eyes as the trio approached. One of the men had snake-like fangs, another had twisted horns, the third swooped in on the giant wings of a bat. All brandished wicked looking weapons.

‘We are the guardians of the Bridge of Zorl!’ they said in unison.

‘What next?’ the priest of the Spider God asked nobody in particular.

This strange spiral horn is rare to find, almost never found in the treasure hordes of monsters that recognize the beast that this comes from, fearing its power, being most often found in the possession of strange wizards or the priests of obscure and alien deities who appreciate the powers of the thing.

Benefit: This enchanted chimera horn, when sounded, gives the bearer the ability to grant one aspect of the monster known as the chimera to a companion or ally or to themselves. Each ability may only be used once per day and these last for ten minutes each, but these abilities can stack on the owner of the magic item or another. These abilities are:

1 Roar that may be used once every five rounds, causes all enemies to become stunned and lose an action (no save).

2 Spiral horns grow from the head of the affected, grant a gore attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.

3 Sharp fangs protrude from the mouth of the person affected, granted

4 Two bat-like wings sprout from the back of the one affected. These wings grant the ability to fly at 150′ (50′).

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Horn of the Chimera

  1. killervp says:

    The fangs section is not finished.
    Keep these coming! Love this blog!

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