[New Magic Item] Blink Barrel

Blink Barrels

Nudge screamed for several minutes until Chalk and the others finally found him.

‘Who told you guys to stack the barrels? I was on the bottom of the stack!’ the small thief yelled.

Valance had a look of mock sheepishness on his face.

‘I thought it would be efficient to stack all those barrels against the wall.’

Supposedly crafted for a minor member of the nobility that was quite bad at magic to help his dweomer-craft along, Blink Barrels are unassuming, rustic barrels that one might find anywhere.

Benefit: Blink Barrels are magically enchanted barrels that allow someone of human size or smaller to ‘blink’ teleporting instantly into another blink barrel within ½ mile. Those with at least one level in any spellcasting class may determine which barrel they will teleport into in the case of multiple barrels in the a ½ mile radius.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Blink Barrel

  1. wilmanric says:

    Nice one. I could see true nobles having this done with their wardrobes as well.

  2. eltf177 says:

    I see one of these getting slipped into a noble’s wine order, then their strongrooms are mysteriously robbed!

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