[New Magic Item] Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest

The vile wizard Stork had cornered the band of druids that were working to undermine the town. Normally uncaring about such activities, the reward in gold was too much for the sorcerer to overlook.

‘This way!’ he shouted to the bumbling constables as they approached a tavern that seemed oddly out of place. ‘The basement!’

As the basement door was flung open one of the druids made a rude gesture to Stork just before the group dissipated, his companions smiling and waving as they disappeared.

Stork snarled loudly.

‘Looks like that bounty stays in the coffers a bit longer, I reckon!’ the chief constable said.

The sorcerer hissed and spun on his heel.

This magic item appears as little more than an amulet of wood with carved runes and intertwined tree limbs covering its surface. Commonly used by druids in elder days on long journeys into civilized lands, the wily thief or far traveling ranger also find use for these magic items.

Benefit: Once every three days this magic item may be used to transport its owner and up to four companions to the center of the nearest forest or heavily wooded area. In the case of this being in harsh terrain, like a lake, mountain, fissure, etc, then the individual or group will be transported to the nearest safe place, as close to the center as possible. A command word must be known to activate this device.

Usable by: Anyone.

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