[New Magic Item] Inciting Incense

Inciting Incense

Shouts and clanging bells broke the quiet night’s silence. Sounds of violence and rage soon followed as if an angry mob had exploded onto the streets.

Moments later Valance returned to the new hideout that the adventurers had found.

‘What is happening out there?’ Chalk asked.

‘Just getting even for that dirty trick the priests of Law played on us. I replaced their incense with something a little more…invigorating,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

The wizard rolled his eyes.

‘We will have to leave this town before too long, they will suspect us.’

Valance shrugged.

Allegedly created by the Lords of Spite, the exact origin of this strange substance is unknown. This highly mutable substance takes on the appearance of any type of incense desired by the possessor after a moment of concentration. The effects, however, are always the same.

Benefit: When Inciting Incense is lit it quickly creates a cloud that is 30′ in diameter that will double within one turn (10 minutes time) in an enclosed area and seek to seep out any windows or doors. All within the cloud must make a saving throw at -1 versus spell-like devices, failing that those affected feel an overwhelming desire to attack all around them, striking in their fury with -1 to hit. This lasts no longer than three turns, after which time those affected become immune to it until the next exposure.

Usable by: Anyone.

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