[New Magic Item] Jug of Divine Refusal

Jug of Divine Refusal

Valance sat scratching his head again.

‘What is wrong?’ Koram asked the priest of the Spider God.

Large spiders crawled into the room, surrounding the cleric obediently.

‘For days my spells didn’t work right, and now they do,’ he replied. ‘Like some cloud has been lifted.’

Nudge burst into the room, coins spilling out of his hands and onto the floor.

‘We need to get out of town!’ shouted the thief. ‘Apparently that old jug on the mantle in the Lazy Lamia tavern was doing something to clerics and priests and gods!’

One of the strangest magic items ever reported, the Jug of Divine Refusal was created by wizards centuries ago to save the deity-plagued town of Thornfall. It seems that Thornfall, being an ancient town, was often approached by lonely or desperate gods in search of worship. To this end a group of great wizards enchanted an ordinary jug and Thornfall was not troubled by the gods for some time, until at last an invasion of outsiders sacked and looted Thornfall, as its inhabitants prayed to gods that looked away after having been scorned for so long.

Benefit: When the Jug of Divine Refusal is placed in an area and coins tossed into it, the magic item emanates an aura that grows up to one mile in diameter, and this aura repels deities and causes divine powers to go awry. Any clerical spells (or druid spells that come from divine sources) either act as a reversed version of the spell (where applicable) or as a totally random spell of the same level (up to the GM/LL) and usually not helpful. Tipping the magical jug over and spilling its coins onto the ground will cause the magical aura to become reduced to only a 5′ radius until coins are put into it again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jug of Divine Refusal

  1. eltf177 says:

    And the enchantment is probably such that even the most powerful DETECT MAGIC spell won’t identify it.

    And one has to wonder how the gods themselves feel about such an object (they probably are unable to destroy it themselves)…

    • jameseck says:

      No, they wouldn’t be able to destroy it because it always maintains a 5 ft radius god protection, but I don’t see why one of their minions couldn’t.

      Still, a very interesting item. Well worth thinking about implementing.

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