[New Spell] Magnified Pain

Magnified Pain

The chief constable winced as Koram’s dagger sliced his shoulder. Valance snarled and uncurled an arm, fingers spread wide in the direction of the officer of the law. The man cried out and winced in pain.

Chalk looked at the priest of the Spider God in surprise.

‘I might not cast healing spells, but I can certainly make existing woulds hurt much, much worse!’ he exclaimed with glee.


Magnified Pain (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: 5′ +5’/level

Duration: One turn (10 minutes)

A simple clerical spell, Magnified Pain, when cast upon a target that already has a wound of any sort, causes that subject to make a save versus spells at -2. Failing that the target suffers a -1 on all rolls that require concentration and all combat rolls due to the increased intensity of pain. Charisma is also -2 for the duration of the spell as the subject is wincing and trying to find ways of easing the pain of the spell.

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