[New Spell] The Light Which Only I Can See

The Light Which Only I Can See

Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage crept forward through the ruins, a large group of heavily armed militia trailing them, lead by a pair of notoriously vicious chief constables.

‘I told you that we should have left that temple of Law alone,’ Vistis told the sorcerer.

Stork snickered and held aloft a bag stuffed full of coins and gems.

‘Over there!’ one of the militiamen yelled at the sight of the sorcerer’s hand and the bag of valuables.

Crossbow bolts whizzed through the air in the dark in the direction of the arcane thieves.

Stork edged away and then realized that a steep precipice yawned open in the darkness. He began hissing a spell.

‘No!’ snarled Vistis. ‘No more blood spilled.’ The illusionist tapped his staff on the ground and suddenly the men, although several of them held torches, complained about not being able to see. One man who had been bearing a torch screamed when he touched the burning flame that shed no light and immediately dropped the torch to the ground.

‘We slip around them and escape. We have caused enough damage here!’


The Light Which Only I Can See (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 5′ per level of caster.

Duration: Five minutes (½ turn) per level of caster.

When this spell is cast the illusionist may cause any artificial, non-magical forms of illumination to be seen only by the caster and anyone that he or she allows to see by this light. This spell does not affect the brightness/dimness or the range of the light source, only who is able to see by this light.

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