[New Magic item] Eggs of Shadow

Eggs of Shadow

With his usual vicious grin Stork held aloft one of the strange enchanted eggs he had just stolen from the lair of the elf adventurer. Vistis the Blue Mage looked unimpressed.

‘This is just one of many!’ he announced proudly.

The sound of an arrow whizzed through the air and the eggshell was broken by an arrow shot with great precision.

A misty, shadowy shape appeared.

‘Attack the humans!’ a voice urged from the direction of the arrow.

‘Great job!’ Vistis snarled as he swung at the shadow with his staff.

Very rare magic items, Eggs of Shadow are little more than common hen’s eggs that have apparently been hollowed out and have a tiny wax seal affixed to them. Magically toughened, these enchanted items can still break easily and cause all sorts of mayhem if not properly handled.

Benefit: Each Egg of Shadow contains a shadow from the Plane of Shadow that has been magically trapped inside the shell and helpless to break out. If the egg takes 2 hit points of damage (or falls from a height greater than 3′) the shell will break, releasing the shadow within. The newly freed creature will obey the one responsible for breaking the egg (even if not the original owner of the magic item) for one hour of time, whether fighting for the one who freed it, running an errand, sending a message, etc. After one hour has passed the creature is free to roam the plane at will. Rumors persist that there is a town somewhere, long abandoned by the living, that these freed shadows congregate to and ‘live’ in. At times other shadow monsters have been insinuated in these enchanted eggs as well.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic item] Eggs of Shadow

  1. eltf177 says:

    Nasty, particularly if you don’t know what it is you have…

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