[New Monster] Noftol


Koram smiled and looked from face to face for approval, he received cocked eyebrows and questioning looks in return.

‘What are those things?’ Chalk asked.

‘You didn’t pay much for them, did you?’ questioned Valance.

‘Just my size!’ exclaimed Nudge the gnome thief.

Koram frowned.

‘ I thought that we were going into the dungeons to the north and these creatures would make excellent pack animals because they can carry so much,’ the fighter explained.

‘What do they eat?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Anything they can find, I understand that they are superb foragers,’ came the reply.

‘No feeding costs! I am sold!’ Valance said excitedly.


No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d8+2)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 120′ (40′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 5

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 (bite or gore)

Morale: 7

Hoard Class: XX

X.P.: 95

The noftol are scavengers of the highest order, scrounging sustenance from just about anything. This makes these creatures incredibly stout and tough over time and while they are small (about the size of a large dog) these creatures have a thick hide and equally thick bones. Looking like a cross between a rhinoceros and a bear, these two horned creatures make excellent underground pack animals, being able to see in the dark up to 60′ and having no fear of the land under the ground. Domesticated, noftol make excellent mounts and beasts of burden, being able to carry up to 350 lbs without a problem.

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One Response to [New Monster] Noftol

  1. jameseck says:

    What’s the origin of the name Noftol? Just something that sounded cool?

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