[New Magic item] Lantern of Law/Chaos

Lantern of Law/Chaos

‘This isn’t going to work!’ snorted Valance in disgust.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Koram.

‘I can’t hit anything with that lantern of yours shining on me! This is terrible! It makes me itch!’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘Maybe you need to just skulk around in the shadows and strike from there,’ suggested Chalk.

‘Not a bad idea! Or was that sarcasm?’

‘A little bit of both…’

The great city of the Gods of Law used to have one of these magical light sources in nearly every home, then, as a cataclysm hit centuries ago the world was plunged into a darker and more grim time and most of these arcane lanterns have been lost, or even worse, corrupted to the service of evil.

Benefit: When lit this ornate lantern sheds a warm glow in a 25′ radius. All within the glow of a Lawful (or good) nature receive +1 to any Constitution or Charisma rolls while the lantern is lit. Those of a Chaotic (or evil) inclination receive -1 to hit and -1 to damage while in the radius of the light due to its wholesome light. These magic items may be corrupted by priests of Chaos or evil sorcerers by casting a Curse upon the magic item. These lanterns of Chaos look a little warped or melted and shed a strange reddish light. All Chaotic individuals in the radius of these foul lights receive a +1 to Strength and Constitution while in this twisted light and those of a more lawful nature are -1 to hit and damage while in this foul glow. Neutral beings are unaffected.

Usable by: Anyone lawful.

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