[New Magic Item] Strange Change

Strange Change

Valance raised an eyebrow at Nudge.

‘What’s wrong?’ the gnome asked.

‘Nothing, nothing,’ chirped the priest of the Spider God with a wry smile.

The small thief began to panic a little. He ran over to Chalk who started to laugh.

‘What? What?’ demanded the gnome, exasperated.

‘You do realize that you have ears like a rabbit, don’t you?’ the wizard asked Nudge.

The gnome thief slowly lifted his hands and felt his ears and screamed.

‘How?’ he screamed.

‘I am not sure, but I wouldn’t sleep in that weird temple to the prankster god, there is probably some odd magic there,’ replied Chalk.

These bizarre coins are obviously from antiquity, relics and treasures of a bygone age. Their exact origin is unknown, as many speculate that these were either created by mischievous gods or prankster wizards long, long ago. Having one coin upon one’s person is innocent enough, but more than one of these magical coins too close together invites all sorts of mayhem.

Benefit: Singularly these magical coins are harmless enough, causing no ill effects to anyone, however, whenever two or more of these coins are within 25′ of each other the magic begins to take affect. The magic first affects others than the coin holder, for example if the bearer found a similar coin in some manner while already possessing one in the company of others, if nobody else is around the magic will affect the bearer. If two or more people possessing Strange Change come within 25′ of each other then the person affecting is chosen randomly, still favoring those without one of these coins on their person. The magic is subtle, yet relentless, bestowing upon those affected random animal physical traits, like fox’s ears or a dog’s tail, with no saving throw. None of these traits are particularly useful, but will make those affected stand out in a crowd unless they can hide these minor curses. One trait from an animal (the same animal or a different one) will appear each week for as long as the coins are within 25′ of those bearing these traits for at least one hour per day after the initial exposure. Remove Curse will restore those affected to normal.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Strange Change

  1. Lumacca says:

    First post, I recently found your blog and wanted to say thank you. Also Chicagowiz’s index.. awesome resource!

    As regards the coins, to further mischievous aims, maybe another effect of the coins would be noticed at sundown, when they return to the bearers purse, after being used in a purchase through the day.. leaving an unhappy shopkeeper and over time generating suspicion and damaging reputations- if the bearer is a rogue, they may like sowing discord and furthering the gods aims, winning a reprieve from any changes..

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