[New Magic Item] Hat of Happenstance

Hat of Happenstance

‘But, wait, how did that happen? Didn’t I win?’ a stunned Koram asked.

Chalk threw his cards on the table in disgust.

‘It’s his stupid looking hat! Isn’t it obvious?’ the sorcerer said.

Valance sat grinning like an idiot with his new foppish hat on.

‘But I won, how did I suddenly un-win?’

‘That treacherous hat he stole!’ snapped Chalk.

A gift from a minor godling of randomness or chance, the Hat of Happenstance is a lesser magic item that nonetheless can turn the tide of a battle, a physical feat among other things. Prized by the wily, also quite useful to the just.

Benefit: The Hat of Happenstance simply allows its wearer to re-roll any one roll per day with a +2 modifier and another with a +1 modifier. This can be done for anything that requires a roll of the dice.

Usable by: Anyone.

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