[New Spell] Promise of the Witch

Promise of the Witch

The wily sorcerer Stork was sneaking up on the ogre mage when suddenly he felt a strange wave of panic and dread wash over him, and then he stood hundreds of miles away in the court of the vile king of Uvnar.

‘What is the meaning of…’ demanded the wizard and then he saw the smile on the king’s face.

‘Ah yes, a spell to be cast for you, for saving me from the Executioners of Swort-Bu….’

‘Precisely,’ the wicked king said, his smile becoming more sinister.


Promise of the Witch (Any spellcaster)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and one day.

The Promise of the Witch spell is an oath by a spellcaster to another to cast a spell for them at another time, anytime, within a year and a day. Many wizards, priests and druids are reluctant to give themselves over to such magic, which will take them away from wherever they are and instantly teleport them within the presence of the one they made the promise to, without any particular way back. Strage old magic usually only cast by desperate or extremely thankful spellcasters.

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1 Response to [New Spell] Promise of the Witch

  1. eltf177 says:

    All sorts of nastiness can come from this. Can this be forced from a wizard (I’m thinking not)? Can a wizard make this promise on behalf of another (again I’m thinking ‘no’). I’m thinking once the promise is kept the deal is over. And I’m thinking the wizard has no say in what must be done to keep the promise. And what if the wizard dies within a year with the promise not called upon? I would think the promise dies with him but might it get passed onto a blood relative (not necessarily a wizard)?

    Another excellent idea that makes an interesting adventure seed.

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