[New Encounter] Red Road

The Red Road

Valance collapsed on the side of the road.

‘Are we ever going to get there?’ he complained.

‘I know, this is taking forever and I feel half dead, and this was the quickest route?’ said an exasperated Koram.

Nudge came back from scouting the road ahead.

‘Hurry! This dastardly red stone gives way just ahead to normal stone again!’

The party hurried on, longing to get off this narrow and dreadful path.

The Red Road is a mysterious anomaly, usually encountered where it can be avoided the least, such as narrow mountain passes, the Red Road can continue for miles without rhyme or reason, then stop for no good reason only to pick up again later. A plague upon all who walk this strange and sometimes deadly path, the Red Road has no known origin, some saying that it is a curse from foul deities, others claim that the Red Road is a deity itself, spread about the land, absorbing what it can from those who tread upon it.

In the game: The Red Road can appear anywhere in a game world, changing the ground below and giving it a reddish tinge. This path may still seem more appealing as it will be drier in the rain, offer more traction, be free of impediments, etcetera. Those who tread this way, on the Red Road will feel fine at first, but every four miles on this road will drain those upon it of one hit point. This draining effect causes those on the Red Road to feel a certain despair, as if this road will take forever to get them to their destination.

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One Response to [New Encounter] Red Road

  1. Hello there! Hope all is well. You haven’t posted for a while, I hope things are good in your world. Again, you do good stuff here, and I for one miss the posts! Thanks again for all your work, and hope to hear from you again soon!

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