[New Magic Item] Elixir of the Wild

Elixir of the Wild

Quietly Stork crept into the room of the inn and nudged Vistis the Blue Mage awake. The latter blinked behind his strange mask and mumbled.

‘Shhhhh!’ insisted Stork as he pointed to the roof. ‘We have company.’

‘How many? Who?’ asked the illusionist.

Stork rummaged through a pouch at his side and withdrew a glass vial. Multiple colors swirled to and fro within.

‘Cat’s eyes,’ the sorcerer whispered before taking a sip. His eyes became eerily slitted like those of a cat.

‘You should think about the dog’s nose, in case we have a trail to follow,’ Stork suggested as he handed the vial over.

Vistis grumbled as he got up.

This strange concoction, sometimes found in vials as part of a treasure horde, always appears as swirling with a multitude of colors. Those who recognize this magical formula covet it and its powers have saved many a party of adventurers.

Benefit: A magical draught that is usually in a vial, each vial containing five doses, each dose can be used to enhance a sense that the one who imbibed it has. This sense can be that of any natural animal (not magical monster, construct or extra-planar creature, etc) and when that sense is chosen the drinker of the elixir has that sensory organ transform to resemble the animal the sense is borrowed from (for example, a dog’s muzzle for canine sense of smell, a cat’s ears for hearing, etc). As a rule of thumb, this can translate to an 85% success rate for performing tasks in which that animal sense is perfect (a dog’s nose for following as trail, hawk’s eyes for seeing great distances). Only one sense per person may be adopted at a time, duration is twenty minutes.

Usable by: Anyone who already has that particular sense to begin with.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Elixir of the Wild

  1. Way says:

    Yay! Bat is alive and kicking!

  2. killervp says:

    So great to see you posting again!

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