[New Magic item] Leprechaun’s Coin

Leprechaun’s Coin

Nudge ran through the adventurer’s camp, off onto some mischief with five fairy like beings that resembled gnomes themselves in tow.

An hour later the gnome rushed the other way with four goblins snarling after him.

Chalk looked up from his spellbook and cocked an eyebrow, Valance was nearby, cataloging his spiders.

‘I wouldn’t get involved, who knows what that gnome is up to this time,’ commented the priest of the Spider God.

‘Good point,’ replied the wizard as he returned to his reading.

Found exclusively in the treasure hordes and bodies of leprechauns, each leprechaun seems to only have one of these coins among their possessions. Sometimes handy in a pinch, sometimes more trouble than it is worth, a Leprechaun’s Coin is a curious magic item indeed.

Benefit: Each person may use a Leprechaun’s Coin five times, after that the magic no longer works for that person from that particular magic item, although it will work for others. Each time the coin is flipped in a natural way (no magical influence) if the coin lands heads up a number of brownies will appear and if the coin lands tails up then a number of goblins show up, the number being determined by the number of times that individual has flipped the coin, beginning at 5 and working down (4,3,2,1) to zero. The brownies will be helpful and can be talked into assisting the bearer of the coin, the goblins will be little terrors, breaking and undoing things and causing mischief.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic item] Leprechaun’s Coin

  1. Mr. Blue says:

    This is great, I love magic items like this – more toy, and souvenir, than raw power.

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