[New Magic Item] Anything Bottle

Anything Bottle

Valance nudged Chalk as they sat at a table in the dingy tavern.
‘Yeah?’ the sorcerer asked.
‘Ever notice how the tavern master never goes to retrieve more drink from the back? He always seems to keep up front, save for when one of his helpers brings him a pail of water.’
‘I never noticed,’ came the reply.
‘I have, yet I believe that the tavern master has noticed that I notice,’ said the priest of the Spider God.
As if on cue the owner of the tavern shambled over to the table of the adventurers.
‘Well, lads, fancy a drink on the house? Just give me your mugs and I will refill them with anything you like, anything!’
‘Perhaps we have had enough,’ a suddenly sober Chalk said. There was something sinister about the tavern master he had not realized before.
The owner of the Leek and Boar turned to a couple of scruffy looking peasants by the door.
‘Bar the door, boys, we might have us some trouble here…’
Valance began an incantation, imploring the Spider God to send large, dangerous and frightening arachnids his way.

Created by the unscrupulous merchant-enchanter Larksbee, this magic item has found its way around the world and back several times over, partly because of the usefulness of the artifact and partly because of the jealous that takes over those that covet the item for their own purposes. Only the most despicable of tavern owners and innkeepers would lower themselves to use such magic, which is usually what happens.
Benefit: When the Anything Bottle is filled with water, or any liquid, it will dispense any liquid desired by the drinker. One must state which beverage they desire and the bottle will pour it in measures of up to one cup/mug/glass. Those who choose alcoholic drinks must make a save versus poison at -2 after two such drinks to avoid becoming inebriated and -3 on all rolls for 1d4+3 hours. The other downside is the quality of the ‘source’ liquid. While the outcome is always tasty to the imbiber there always a chance of disease or poisoning if filthy water is used.

Usable by: Anyone.

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