[New Spell] Spellcaller


Koram barely felt the tap on his shoulder, it was so subtle.

The next few moments he would experience spinning lights, a nasty spider bite, and being whipped viciously with tree limbs. Then another spider bite, a burning fiery pain and something like dozens of huge stinging nettles slapping one half of his face.

The fighter staggered, bloodied, one hand up, the other holding one knee as he doubled over.

‘No more spells, they are all coming at me!’

With grimaces all around the spellcasters drew daggers or staffs and turned on their odd attackers.


Spellcaller (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Next three rounds.

This spell, whether meant to be a curse or meant to be a feat of endurance when originally concocted, we will never know, but this spell can be absolutely deadly, or extremely beneficial. All spells cast within a 50′ radius for the next three rounds are automatically directed at the one that has had Spellcaller cast upon them, whether this was originally intended or not. All spells that affect multiple targets will still do so, but all other spells will center on the subject of this spell.

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