[New Magic Item] Whistle of the Silver Stag

Whistle of the Silver Stag

Nudge the gnome chuckled and patted a pocket of his vest.

‘What have you got there, little rogue?’ Valance asked the thief.

‘Oh, nothing, just a bauble I picked up from some daft sailor that talks too much,’ replied the gnome.

The priest of the Spider God shrugged.

Later the two were walking down a winding alley when a group of toughs appeared and blocked the end of the alley. Nudge sighed heavily and blew the whistle. From behind the two adventurers came a silver stag, its hooves clicking lightly on the cobblestones. The gnome climbed on the back of the antlered silver beast.

‘Climb aboard, let’s get out of here!’

Reluctantly the priest climb on the back of the silver stag as Nudge urged the thing forward. In an instant it lowered its antlers and bowled the ruffians over.

Valance nodded approvingly as he looked back at the thugs who were struggling to get up.

A gift from an elven prince to a great druid many, many years ago, the Whistle of the Silver Stag is an amazing artifact that is coveted by many, none more than the wood elves that originally forged and gifted this rare treasure, who are said to be hunting it for their current king.

Benefit: When this ornate curious whistle is blown three times a silvery stag will appear and will bear up to two medium sized riders (up to 500lbs of weight) for one hour per level of the person who blew the whistle (whether they ride the stag or not) with a minimum of thirty minutes for 0-level characters/NPCs. The stag moves at 180′ and can leap 15′ high and 35′ across with no problem. While not a combatant, the stag can use its antlers and bulk to bowl over anyone standing in front of it: On a successful charge all opponents must roll 18+ on a d20 to avoid being knocked over. Those knocked over will need to take one round to get back up on their feet. The Silver Stag continually has the Pass Without Trace ability. This wondrous item can be used once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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