[New Magic Item] Blade of the Unworthy

Blade of the Unworthy

Koram raised an eyebrow and laughed at his antagonist.

Valance strolled up with a few enormous spiders in tow.

‘What’s he doing?’ the priest of the Spider God asked the fighter as the two watched a man argue with his sword, sweating profusely.

Koram shrugged.

‘I think he is arguing with his sword.’

Valance looked back at the spiders and nodded his head towards the odd man. The arachnids raced forward, mandibles clicking.

‘It’s just faster this way,’ he said.

This misenchanted blade appears to be a well crafted short sword in a stylish scabbard with a blood red stone as the pommel of the weapon. Forged on a plane of madness, the Blade of the Unworthy is an intelligent short sword, crafty and mean, but it will perform well for those that best it.

Benefit: Whenever this blade is drawn the wielder of the sword must make a Wisdom roll at -1 (thus trying to roll under their Wisdom score on a d20 and adding +1 to the result) and if he or she succeeds then the sword is +1 to strike and deals 1d6+2 damage. However, if the Wisdom roll fails the blade is -1 to strike and -1 to damage and taunts the bearer of the sword as unworthy.

Usable by: Anyone that can wield a short sword.

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5 Responses to [New Magic Item] Blade of the Unworthy

  1. trey says:

    Interesting special effect on this one.

  2. eltf177 says:

    Agreed, this is something people with low Wisdom will want to stay away from…

    • bat says:

      Thank you!
      Sorry I have been hit and miss of late, still getting my head together after my mother passed and dealing with the fallout of that. I do plan on, starting today, posting one a day for the month of October, that should catch me up!

  3. killervp says:

    Definitely using this one!

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