[New Magic Item] Horn of Sluggishness

Horn of Sluggishness

The necromantress Deadflower emerged from the tangled briars and brambles of the Forest of Mourning. A half a dozen undead knights accompanied her. In one hand was a strange horn. She raised the the horn slowly to blackened lips and blew. A sorrowful sound emitted from the horn followed by a grub-like creature the size of a fist. It seemed to instinctively crawl off towards the town before them.

‘And now, necromantress?’ rasped a ghoul dressed in rusty armor.

An unnerving smile crept across Deadflower’s face.

‘And now, boys, we wait. They will become slow and sluggish in good time.’

‘And then?’ asked a pale vampire.

‘Then we attack!’

An old weird magic item from days gone by, the Horn of Sluggishness is handy against a single target, but more effective against civilized areas. A great item for those wishing to bring down a town little by little.

Benefit: This oddly shaped horn can be used in two different ways: Once per day one target is selected and the horn is sounded. The target must roll under their Constitution score (or under 10 for those creatures without a Constitution attribute) with a modifier of -2 to the Con score or become sluggish for one turn (ten minutes).During this time movement rate is halved and combat speed is quartered (rounding down in both cases). Once per week the horn may be sounded around any civilized area and a small, grub-like creature will emerge from the horn and crawl off to a random area in the town/city, etc. Within hours industry will begin to slow and all within will become -2 on all rolls in combat and social situations due to feeling sluggish and off track. This effect lasts until the grub is found and destroyed (20 hit points of damage). Productivity also slows at a base rate of 10% + 5% per week until the entire area becomes idle.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Horn of Sluggishness

  1. 1stworlder says:

    “dozen undead nights accompanied her.” Can you give a monster listing for the nights.

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