[New Spell] Deadlike


‘Is this going to work?’ Koram asked Valance.

The priest of the Spider God opened an eye.

‘Not if you keep interrupting my prayer!’ he hissed. ‘Quickly! They are coming!’

The fighter stood still. The priest finished invoking the favor of his god. The magic was cast.

Koram took on a sickly look at first, then seemed to take on the appearance of a ghoul in moments.

‘Now you can stroll among those undead down there and grab any loose gold!’

The fighter smirked and shambled off.

Watching from the shadows the necromantress, Deadflower, raised a hand silently. A shadowy figure tore itself free from the darkness and fluttered at the necromantress’ feet.

‘Go, get some others, bring those two thieving idiots to me!’

Without word the shadow glided away.


Deadlike (Cleric/Magic-User)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One turn (10 minutes) per level of caster

When cast this spell causes the magic-user or one touched by the caster to take on the general qualities shared by corporeal undead; while under the effects of Deadlike one is immune to the effects of diseases, paralysis, mind-affecting spells, death magic, sleep spells and does not breathe or eat. The subject also has darkvision to 60′. Undead creatures are 15% likely to recognize those under this spell as false undead.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Deadlike

  1. eltf177 says:

    Use this spell, then have the entire group swept up by a necromancer. Who finds the fakes to be in poor taste and makes them _real_ undead!

  2. Jensan says:

    Good work on the story here, Bat!

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