[Outstanding Personalities] Urgluk the Shadow orc

Urglok the Shadow Orc


The big orc roared, urging those around him forward as the small group of elves fired back.

‘Enough!’ shouted an elf mage. Stepping forward the wizard raised his staff and cast a spell meant to make the orcs run in fear. The orcs kept advancing with the same ferocity.

‘Damn, that usually works….RUN!’




Hit Points: 45 (6HD) Equipment:

+2 Chainmail, +1 to hit club (does 1d6+4 damage), two enchanted daggers (allow wielder to make two attacks without an offhand penalty, 1d4+2 damage each), 850 gold pieces.



Save as: 6th level Fighter



Experience value: 585



Special: Extremely cunning, will attempt a retreat if hit points are reduced to 15. May command any orcs within 150 feet. This inspiration makes all affected orcs immune to fear.







Urglok, also known as the Shadow Orc, is an unusual member of his race, possessing an uncanny cunning and an ability to control all orcs within 150 of him at any time. In addition, Urglok will try to lead from the back of the group of orcs that he is leading and if he takes too much damage (reduced to 15 hit points) he will attempt to flee the scene. This makes Urglok a good nemesis for low to mid level characters.


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  1. Waymage says:

    Dammit Bat, we worry about you when we haven’t heard from you in a while.

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