[New Spell] Stone Eye

Stone Eye

The mercenary and sometimes bounty hunter Bakra-do sat before the strange stone image at the roadside shrine of Vozena, Goddess of Hunters and Mercenaries. The casual observer would be convinced that the man was having a conversation with the old stone statue.

‘It shall be, I am grateful to know the location,’ the mercenary finished and placed a coin at the statue’s foot.


Stone Eye (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One week per level of caster.

This druid spell allows the casting druid to cause a stylized eye of his or her design to appear on any organic surface, although stone or rock is common for some reason. This spell allows the caster to see through the symbolic eye as far as if they were standing in that spot and even gives darkvision to 60′. By some strange twist of the winds of magic, if this spell is cast upon the same surface as the magic-user spell ‘Magic Mouth’ then it is possible for both caster to converse with beings facing the surface and this does not count as discharging the Magic-User spell.

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One Response to [New Spell] Stone Eye

  1. 1stworlder says:

    Hate to split hairs but organic means carbon based, while most stones/rocks are not.

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