[New Magic Item] Bell that Rings Elsewhere

Bell that Rings Elsewhere

The vile sorcerer Stork slipped over the lichen covered wall as silently as a shadow. Peering around he spied two guards idly chatting. Removing a small bell from a pocket the wizard whispered a word and rang the bell vigorously, yet the sound seemed to come from another direction entirely. Drawing their slender swords the guards ran off in the direction of the sound.

Soundlessly Stork crept across the cobblestones of the small courtyard and crept into the private chambers of the duke.

‘And without casting a spell. I have so many at my disposal, too,’ hissed the wizard.

The duke tried to scream, but he was silenced by a spell, followed by the daggers of Stork.

This small, innocuous silver bell looks like a mere trinket, possibly a child’s toy. A tiny treasure, yet this bell has saved countless lives and had many a treasure has been stolen by the use of this minor magic item.

Benefit: Whenever this bell is rung just after a special word is whispered the sound will not emanate from the bell itself but from anywhere that the ringer wishes, up to one mile away. If the location is out of sight then the one using the bell must have been to that location and seen it. This magic is used as a distraction and can even distract ritual spells being cast.

Usable by: Anyone, a favorite device of sneaky types like thieves and assassins.

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5 Responses to [New Magic Item] Bell that Rings Elsewhere

  1. Super neat. If more than one of these exist, it would be amazing what fun one could have driving folks in pursuit crazy.

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