[New Magic Item] Oar of the Boatmaster’s Guild

Oar of the Boatmaster’s Guild

The old raft creaked slowly out into the lake, leaving the small town of Sharvel in its wake. Standing, the boatman got his bearings and headed towards the far shore. Approaching land a small group of smugglers met him, with someone new, a wizard of some type. The conjurer knelt by a small brazier and began an incantation. Moments later a small fiery creature appeared and at the wizard’s command, floating reluctantly above the water towards the small watercraft.

Smirking the boatman slowed the raft down and raised the oar up between his shoulders, hanging his gloved hands over each end. The air grew tense as the tiny elemental hissed. With blinding speed the boatman swung the oar and struck the fiery creature, knocking it with a startled yelp into the icy wintery water. The elemental gasped and was soon extinguished, a wisp of steam rising in a momentary memorial for the thing.

‘Anyone else?’ inquired the stoic boatman. ‘Or do we go back to business as usual?’

The wizard gathered up his conjuring brazier at the signal of one of the bandits.

‘Business as usual,’ one of the smugglers answered.

‘I thought so.’

These rare magic items are thought to have first been created many centuries ago by the coastal Sea Elves of the Sabre Islands and given to human raft- and boat-men to encourage trade along the coasts and rivers to benefit the various races that traded in that area. In appearance, an Oar of the Boatmaster’s Guild is a small oar, like that used to paddle a rowboat or a raft with many stylized fish carved into the handle of the device. As long as the person using this magic item can touch water with the oar the magic is in effect. These items are highly sought after and jealously guarded; the theft of one can bring a small nation to seek revenge on the thieves.

Benefit: Anyone who has possessed an Oar of the Boatmaster’s Guild for one day has bonded with the magic item and the unique abilities are in effect from then on. Firstly, the item’s owner knows which direction true North is at any given time when on the water. Secondly, this magical oar will not allow the possessor and up to two other individuals to drown: if the watercraft that the possessor is on sinks he or she and two companions will stay afloat, no matter how encumbered and without suffering detrimental effects of the environment (such as freezing water), this can also be used to cross bodies of water, making this an invaluable item to have. Lastly, this magic item can be wielded as a +1 club, +2 against fire-based creatures and dealing 1d4+2 damage. For this final ability the oar does not have to be touching water to be in effect.

Usable by: Anyone.

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7 Responses to [New Magic Item] Oar of the Boatmaster’s Guild

  1. James Pacek says:

    Great item! Well done!

  2. Geoff Smith says:

    Great! I love to see you posting! The stories are great! Happy New Year!

    (also, there’s a superfluous comma in the first sentence…)

  3. bat says:

    Thank you much, guys! Happy New Year back at you and thank you for the heads up on the comma cluster! 🙂

  4. Kevin Wright says:

    I’m glad you’re back!

  5. killervp says:

    Welcome back!! You were missed!

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