[New Magic Item] Minor Cube of Exorcizing

Minor Cube of Exorcizing

Constable Nettles entered the forlorn tavern with a half a dozen guardsmen behind him. The tavernkeep smiled nervously, Nettles was always terse and always meant business. And he never took a bribe.

‘A round for the boys and myself!’ the constable declared.

Puzzled, the tavernkeeper fumbled for a moment then began scuttling to serve the constable and his men.

Taking a seat at the bar the constable drew a small object from his backpack and set it on the counter, the thing, a small cube, instantly grew in size as the lawman whispered a word to it. The cube slowly filled the room, causing many in the room enveloped by the smoky fog to twitch and scratch.

Without warning one of the patrons stood up and began writhing, as if in pain, hands clutching into fists and relaxing uncontrollably.

‘There’s our interloper,’ Constable Nettles said matter-o-factly as he and his men surrounded the possessed man as a sinister ghostly shape rose above the man, snarling and cursing Nettles.

‘Collect him!’ the constable said as he strolled towards the door, collecting his smoky cube that had just regained it’s original size.

‘What?! Why me?’ protested the man.

‘To determine whether you willingly were possessed or whether you are the victim,’ came the reply.

The prisoner struggled, but to no avail.

‘I’m glad that’s over!’ lamented Valance as the group left. ‘That magic item Nettles had was making me feel horrible!’

Chalk shook his head at the priest of the Spider God.

This small, nearly weightless cube appears to be smoky in color and is easily carried. When activated this magic item can reveal sinister enemies hidden in trusted friends via possession. Nearly priceless to kings and other royalty to root out rebellion and corrupting influences, this is also handy in other places to banish evil.

Benefit: A command word activates this small cube begins to grow in size slowly until it fills a room/enclosed area roughly 20x20x20 (see below for additional radius bonus) with a barely perceptible thick magical ‘fog’ that puts intense pressure on Chaotic/Evil creatures and banishes any who fail a save vs. magic items at -1. Any possessed creatures that fail their save immediately have the possessing spirit or infernal essence expelled for their bodies and these evil creatures, being broken, must now flee the immediate area and stay away for 24 hours. Chaotic creatures in the affected area are uncomfortable and -1 to hit in combat.

Usable by: Anyone of Lawful or Neutral alignment. Magic-users, clerics and other caster receive an additional 10′ per level radius to this device.

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