[New Spell] Labyrinthize


‘Almost got her!’ one of the bounty hunters called out as the druidess Knat ran into a small ravine just ahead of her pursuers. ‘That reward is as good as….’

His words were cut short as he turned into the small ravine and saw a twisting wall of vines right before him that allowed only an entrance for one person at a time.

Coming up behind the bounty hunter was one of his lackeys.

‘Gee boss, I don’t remember this when we scouted the area before,’ the lackey mumbled.

The bounty hunter spun slowly on his heels to face the slow-witted follower.

‘That’s probably because it wasn’t here then!’

Labyrinthize (Druid)

Level 7

Range: 100’x100′ per level, 12′ high

Duration: One day per level of druid

This very powerful druid spell conjures thick plant growth in an area 100′ x 100′ per level of caster into a twisted labyrinth that is -2 on rolls to scale and each wall takes 50 hp of damage to make a hole in large enough for a human to pass through. If one does manage to reach the top of the wall it is unstable and cannot be walked across. This spell is often cast to slow pursuers but may also be cast to present a challenge for a special event.

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