[New Spell] Premonitor


‘Stop being so jumpy!’ one bounty hunter told the other as they sipped ale in the Dread Bugbear Inn.

‘I can’t help it! It’s that spell! Something is about to happen soon, I just don’t know what!’ replied the other.

‘I knew that spell was a bad idea, now you are all paranoid!’

As the half-ogre kicked in the door both men shot up out of their chairs, just as two eerie blue spiders landing on the table, right where each man’s hand had been holding a mug just moments before. As the brutish humanoid fixed its gaze on someone at the other end of the bar both men turned back and regarded their mugs, each with a blue spider on the handle.

The men screamed as they ran out of the inn.

Valance scowled and recalled the arachnids to the folds of his robes.

Premonitor (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One hour.

This spell allows the cleric to receive a warning whenever danger is near in the form of a tingling sensation that, while it will not describe the imminent danger, will warn that a potentially deadly threat is very near. This spell can also be touch-cast upon another.

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