[New Magic Item] Cursed Cape of Carnevoros

Cursed Cape of Carnevoros

‘A magical cape, let’s see what it does!’ exclaimed Chalk as he eyed the light blue cape that had delicate silver thread woven into intricate patterns along its edges.

‘Here comes your chance to find out!’ a seemingly appearing out of nowhere Nudge exclaimed breathlessly.

Without further warning two ogres burst into the decrepit tower. Koram drew two shortswords and ran snarling at the vile giants. Chalk threw on the cape as Nudge drew his daggers. Suddenly Chalk screamed, but nobody could hear him.

Invisible and weightless, the wizard’s voice grew smaller and fainter as he was blown up to the top of the tower, which he currently clung onto for dear life with one arm while struggling to remove the cape with the other.

‘I should have known better than to wear something Valance wins at gambling!’ muttered the wizard to himself.

This light blue cape was planted with a few other little surprises in the treasure trove of an elf lord that was about to have his treasury overrun, and by chance, the same elf lord soon regained his realm due to his quick thinking and the foolishness of the human invaders. Now the unwary may don this misenchanted cape and find themselves in a predicament.

Benefit: As a cursed item, there is no real benefit, although under the right circumstances a crafty individual could use this to their gain. When put on, this light blue magical cape makes the wearer invisible and weightless for 1d4 turns. During this time the wearer takes no damage, but they are also as vulnerable to the wind as a bubble and fly around chaotically in a strong wind and may be easily jostled an swept along in a slight breeze.

Usable by: Anyone. That’s the fun bit.

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