[New Spell] Forgotten Habitat

Forgotten Habitat


Constable Nettles pounded a fist on the oaken table.

‘Damn it, man, for once I am trying to help you! Tell me where the gambling den is where you were assaulted!’

Valance looked bleary-eyed at the constable, wavering in his chair.

‘Even the spiders can’t get me to remember! I’m trying!’ the priest of the Spider God exclaimed.


Forgotten Habitat (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled.

Very popular among spellcasters who work with or are thieves or con men, this spell causes anyone affected that fails a save to permanently forget a place that they had been to. While frustrating for constables this spell does wonders for those trying to hide illegal gambling dens, fake soothsayer’s, etc.


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