[New Magic Item] Brazier of Tentacles

Brazier of Tentacles

‘This is either going to work, or it’s going to be a disaster,’ Chalk told Valance.

The priest of the Spider God cocked an eyebrow.

‘Here they come!’ shouted Nudge as he raced down the corridor and passed the wizard and the cleric. Moments later a trio of brutish ogres grunted and huffed along the passageway, barely fitting their hulking forms in the tight confines of the dungeon.

Chalk took a deep breath, flicked a spark into the brazier on the ground before him and cast a quick spell.

Suddenly shadowy black tentacles burst out of the brazier and flailed around, Chalk paused for a moment in concentration, then a tentacle slapped him.

‘Run! I can’t control it!’

Valance grabbed Chalk by the arm and dragged him away from the searching tentacles as the ogres howled in shock and the wizard stabbed as best he could with his silvery dagger.

A gift from a shadowy character to a king’s vizier many centuries ago, the Brazier of Tentacles, as well as a few similar items reputed to be out there, including a fiery version that also does burning damage to those grappled by the magic item, have spread chaos and mayhem over many lands.

Benefit: When a spark is introduced to this sturdy brazier while at least a 2nd level spell is cast upon it 2d6 STR15 shadowy tentacles will writhe up out of the brazier, extending outwards up to 12′. The conjurer of these dreadful appendages must make a standard save (S&W) or a standard save against their INT attribute to avoid being attacked by these tentacles. Each tentacle does 1d4+2 damage (and has 1d4+2 hit points) and can grapple on a successful strike. These tentacles do not allow the brazier to move, but they can block a passageway or door. These horrible appendages remain for two turns (twenty minutes) before retreating back into their receptacle.

Usable by: Magic-users.

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