[New Spell] Trembling Curse

Trembling Curse


Bakra-do turned as he felt the ever so slight touch accompanied by a hissing laughter. As the mercenary drew his curved sword he noticed his hand was trembling badly, he gritted his teeth and struggled to suppress the shaking, but it went on.

‘Ah, bounty hunter, you now are brought low by the slightest of curses!’ the witch laughed.

Taken aback, the shaking man looked aghast as he realized he could not stop the trembling, a cursed was laid upon him.

‘But why?’ the normally stoic man asked, confused and enraged.

‘Ask the prince in the Court of the Plum Menagerie!’ the witched snarled back. ‘For he tasked me with this curse for you.’

‘I see,’ Bakra-do said, regaining his composure. ‘Then he will die, whether my hand is still shaking when I draw my sword to his throat or not.’

The witch shrugged, her part was done.


Trembling Curse (Arcane/Divine)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.-

One of the more horrifying curses, the Trembling Curse, if not saved against, leaves the recipient shaking and trembling, to the point that all strikes to hit, damage rolls and dexterity attribute rolls are at -2 for the duration of the curse or until it is somehow dispelled. This curse has been used to blackmail a dispelling of it from the victims or those close to them on many an occasion.

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