[New Spell] Awaken Animal

Awaken Animal


Valance opened an eye from his nap and looked into the dark round eyes of a small furred animal looking at him curiously.

‘Knat,’ he said to the druidess who was not too far away, ‘either you get this stoat or ferret or weasel or whatever it is out of my face or I start bringing spiders out to play with it.’

The stoat frowned and looked over at the druidess.

‘Come on, Klin, grumpy old Valance isn’t playful today, let him sleep!’

The stoat frowned openly and scampered away. The priest of the Spider God resumed his nap.


Awaken Animal (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent.

This druid spell will enlighten an animal/creature and raise it’s intelligence from Low to Semi (1-4) to 6+2d6 permanently. This does not give the creature the ability to speak, however not only can a creature of raised intelligence understand speech, it can also write if it has appendages to write with. Druids rarely use this spell needlessly, and it is often to create a small community of such animals to protect a particular wilderness area.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Awaken Animal

  1. Chris Tamm says:

    just like runequest spell

    • bat says:

      Wow, close! I was reading about Magic World on the BRP Central forum and one of the writers for that game shared a character he was playing in a game that was an enlightened raven. D&D has had awakened animals too and I wondered how they got there, here’s a way.

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