[New Magic Item] Horn of Madness

Horn of Madness

After practicing his usual skills of treachery and deceit, Stork the sorcerer gingerly unwrapped his latest acquisition: a long sharp horn of a deep bloody red, wrapped in soft, pure cotton.

‘Are you going to tell me what to expect before you wind that thing?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked. ‘And will it affect me?’

Stork smiled, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘My friend, you are not subject to the magic I am about to unleash on this hamlet, but have no doubts, these peasants will have tales to tell after this night! Once darkness falls I shall blow this horn and we will know who goes mad, and from that chaos we will offer a cure, for which they will pay silver.’

‘And the cure?’ Vistis asked.

‘For them, we just won’t use it again here after the magic wears off, in about a day. We can make up some fake spell to make them think we are removing a curse or something.’

‘Absolute genius! And good for the coin purse!’

A strange long, slightly twisted horn of dark hue, from a creature of unknown origin, this strange magic item causes a lot of distress and grief, leaving madness and sorrow in its wake.A boon to some, in time the magical horn causes it’s user to become insane before too long.

Benefit: The Horn of Madness may be sounded once per day to invoke its weird magic, after this its eerie sound may jar the senses and cause some to fear a creature that could make such a horrible sound, but it is otherwise innocuous. When the power of this horn is invoked the following will happen to all except the bearer of the horn and any that he or she decrees are not affected.

All sentient beings within ¼ mile of this horn when it is sounded must make a save versus magic spells at -1 or be affected by a temporary insanity for one day. Sample insanities typical of this magic item are:

Fear of darkness and deep shadows.

Fear of enclosures, confined spaces.

Inability to enter forests voluntarily.

Cannot cross running water.

Berserker rage (so worked up -2 to hit unless possessing this ability otherwise, then +2 to hit).

Fear of fire, even candles and lanterns.

Usable by: Anyone.

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