[New Spell] Spellbounce



The sorcerer Stork noticed a slight tingle in the air some time earlier in the day, but shrugged it off as one of those things that happened in the magically charged city of Voirel. Leaving Vistis the Blue Mage behind Stork set out to seek news of work for spellcasters in the Magi’s Quarter. Turning a corner three thugs and a sinister looking figure in robes blocked his path.

‘Going somewhere, newcomer?’ hissed the robed figure.

Before Stork could reply a bolt of lightning shot out at him from the other’s wand and struck him in the chest, knocking him over and causing more than a little damage.

Snarling Stork threw a spell back at the rival mage. The spell, a massive burning ball of fire, seemed to twist and curl in the air and struck at one of the heavily armored thugs who grunted and was taken back several steps, but regained his composure.

‘Attacking my servants!’ raged the wizard.

Puzzled, Stork cast another quick spell, blending into the shadows and escaping.

‘So much for Voirel!’ Stork yelled as he entered the apartment he shared with Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘What have you done this time?’ inquired the illusionist.

‘Surprisingly…I did not initiate the trouble this time!’ replied Stork. ‘Nevertheless, we had better become scarce.’


Spellbounce (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 10′ per level of caster.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

A sneaky spell to avoid the retaliation from another spellcaster, Spellbounce may be cast upon any type of spellcasting class and any spell cast by that caster back will instead bounce randomly to hit a random sentient being that may roll to save versus spells at -1 or, lacking anyone else, be cast back at the caster who must save versus spells at -2 or suffer the effects of their own spell.

Option: This can work for scrolls as well and include non-casting classes that can cast from scrolls.



I sincerely hope that made sense, it was a bear to write.

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