[New Magic Item] Brazier of Magic Gone Awry

Brazier of Magic Gone Awry

After being chased by the trio of wizards for nearly a week Bakra-do had enough of this game. Slipping away before they knew he was gone, but knowing they would pick up the trail eventually, the mercenary was off to find out if the rumor of a nearby magic item was true or not. A few hours of investigation and a bit of gold spent in a land where silver was the standard and gold quite rare and the mercenary had a brazier in his possession of questionable origin and use.

Two days later Bakra-do noticed movement over his shoulder and grinned. Circling back just after dusk he found the three magi in their makeshift camp. Without hesitation the mercenary lit something and tossed it into the brazier, as th sweet smelling smoke wafted gently on the night breeze Bakra-do made his presence known.

The next morning Bakra-do woke up in a strange place and with his head pounding, but he was never troubled by those wizards again.

Reportedly from the plane of Limbo, this strange magic item has caused enough chaos that nobody doubts this origin story. Many a great sorcerer or wizard has been reduced to tears when a spell has gone wrong, the only hint the slight whiff of sandalwood in the air.

Benefit: When lit with a few pieces of burning sandalwood, the Brazier of Magic Gone Awry radiates a sinewy trail of sweet smelling smoke that causes all magic it meets (smoke radiates in a 30′ radius for one hour, wind conditions can alter the path dramatically) to twist and mutate, lengthening durations of spells, amount of subjects affected or produced or even change the spell altogether into something entirely different. Making an exact chart is impossible to cover all of the possible side effects of this magic item, so a GM is encouraged to be creative and add something weird to their game with this strange brazier.

Usable by: Anyone.

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