[New Spell] Through the Wall!

Through the Wall!


Chalk looked at the others.

‘It’s cute and all to have these bounty hunters after us, especially since they are fairly incompetent and inexperienced, but one of these days somebody is actually going to get hurt and I don’t want it to be one of us,’ the wizard said.

‘I agree,’ said Valance. ‘Plus, my spiders don’t like the taste of their archer apparently.’

Just then a scream interrupted the conversation as a spear wielding mercenary ran into the room, aiming his weapon at Chalk, who, nonchalantly grabbed the shaft of the spear while turning spinning slowly and speaking a brief incantation. As the mercenary’s shoulder touched the wall it became ethereal for a moment as he started to yell. In a flash he was gone, only one end of the spear sticking from the wall.

‘That will discourage them, but not hinder them, he’ll figure his way out of there in time,’ the wizard said with a little smile.


Through the Wall! (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent (see below)

When the Through the Wall! Spell is cast the magic-user must physically push or shove their target against a wall (or ceiling or floor, if possible) and if the wall, floor, ceiling is not thicker than 3′ the target gets one save versus spells at -1 or he or she is pushed through the barrier to arrive on the other side. For a brief moment the target of the spell becomes incorporeal and is pushed through the barrier to pop out materialized on the other side. This spell can be used to get hinder a foe or save an ally, depending on the situation.

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