[New Magic Item (Cursed)] Drinking Horn of Neverhere

Drinking Horn of Neverhere

Valance urged Chalk to come over to him and peek into the common room of the Confused Catoblepas Inn. Reluctantly the wizard agreed.

‘You don’t want to miss this!’

‘Sure…is that Knat waving at us?!’

‘Yes,’ replied the priest of the Spider God. ‘And see that drinking horn that the innkeeper is taking over to that table?’

‘Aren’t those the “bounty hunters” that have been following us?’ Chalk asked in an astonished manner.

‘Absolutely. And while they cannot all drink from it at once, they will try and…’

There was a sudden commotion. Two of the young adventurers suddenly disappeared, leaving to more. As they crowd began to get loud each took a drinking from the horn and passed it to the other, who promptly disappeared.

‘Where did they go?’ Chalk asked.

‘I don’t know and I don’t care. The main thing is, now they are out of our hair,’ answered Valance.

‘Another brilliant move!’

The priest of the Spider God tipped his hat in a mock bow, sending several dozen small spiders scuttling into his robes.

Chalk shuddered.

Carved from the horn of a defeated demon lord and soaked for decades in the River Styx, this cursed drinking horn looks like an average (if large) drinking vessel that radiates no foul magic. Maybe because while the thing is cursed, it also has helped a few people escape worse punishments than an altered memory and a new home.

Benefit: This is a cursed item-once the imbiber takes a sip he or she is instantly teleported to the nearest friendly town/village/city/etc with no recollection of where they just where, no memory of who they saw there or any history whatsoever about that locale, hearing about it the next time will be as if for the first time, even if that person was born in the place in which they took a drink from the strange horn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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