[New Spell] Feybinder



Knat returned with a mischievous grin.

‘That was a little cruel,’ Chalk said.

‘No crueler than making a brownie build a hut in an hour,’ she replied with a pout.

‘I’m not saying that was a brilliant move in itself, but still, creating quicksand then solidifying it when it got to that wizard’s knees? Mean.’

‘He’ll live, after a bit of struggling,’ she quipped.


Feybinder (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 40′

Duration: 6 turns (one hour)

When cast this arcane spell calls forth one fey creature of up to 7HD. The caster may attempt to summon a specific fey for a specific task and the summoned fey creature has a 45% chance of summoning a like creature if the task requires more than one being to accomplish a particular task. The bound fey, when released, may attempt revenge at a later time if the caster made them doing something against their nature.

Druids dislike the use of this spell and sometimes complicate the lives of magic-users casting it.

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