[New Magic Item] Necromantic Banner

Necromantic Banner

Koram, Chalk, Valance, Knat and Nudge watched the battle below them from a small hill.

‘We need to take that banner down, don’t we?’ Koram asked.

‘It is the better thing to do,’ answered Chalk. ‘But we’d better be careful, this one looks touchy, that thing has been cranking out skeletons and ghouls, dropping anyone that gets too close.’

Koram raised his Crystal Sword and looked at the others. He was obviously ready to charge.

‘But, Koram, it’s dangerous….’ began Knat.

‘I heard of a paladin once that broke a dozen of those in a tale my grandfather told me, I’m sure I can break one!’

Created by a cabal of necromancers in the dead city of Bakal this horrific artifact of evil has been used openly in the battlefield and secretly in towns and villages, being placed at night to created quick undead for the up and coming necromancer.

The most famous use of this was in the garden of King Rusnell III, in which the Lord Paladin of the Keep, Sir Kakatel, reportedly faced off against the necromancer Nognoff and broke three of these magic items over his knee in succession in defiance of the necromancer before freeing his head from his shoulders.

Benefit: Any item so deadly that the one using it often has it activated by another, the Necromantic Banner, when placed in the ground, radiates death so strongly that few can withstand it. Once planted into the earth the banner causes all within 75′ to make a Save versus Death every round or lose 1d6 hit points. Those that die from the effects of this banner rise from death in one turn, as either a skeleton or a ghoul (50% chance of either) in thrall to the one that commanded the banner to be planted in the ground. If released from the earth this deadly emanation instantly ceases.

Usable by: Anyone, but usually necromancers and the dead.

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