[New Magic Item] Cloak of Mouths

Cloak of Mouths

The mercenary Bakra-do spun around on his heel as he heard the scream behind him.

Blood ran freely from the hand of a would be assassin, his curved and poisoned dagger clattering to the floor.

‘And now, you shall feel my blades!’ snarled the mercenary as he charged forward.

As disturbing as a Robe of Eyes, but with that added biting attack. Made by a demented wizard, this does discourage backstabbing attacks from would be assassins. When the mouths are closed they look like fixed slashes to the cloak, when opened like fanged nightmares.

Benefit: When worn this odd magical item looks like a repaired cloak, sewn back together after many cuts to its fabric. Yet when the wearer is vigilant these apparent cuts open to reveal sharp fanged mouths that roam the surface of the cloak, biting and snapping at any attackers. Each mouth does 1d4 points of damage and the cloak contains five sharp toothed mouths, ready to defend their owner. Any attempts to backstab are -2 due to the grisly nature of this magical cloak.

Usable by: Anyone.

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