[New Magic Item] Plague Glove

Plague Gauntlet

The royal herald made the pronouncement yet again:

‘The king is ill today, and wishes his subjects well!’

One of the minor cabal of court wizards sneered defiantly. “When was that old fool going to cave in and see things as the sorcerers wanted?” he thought to himself.

Days passed, the message remained the same. Then one night a weary traveler knocked on the gates, bearing a box with strange encryptions on it.

The next day the king, weakened by a strange plague, struggled to stand. He ordered the stranger to come forth, as well as particular court wizard. After a brief shakedown the sorcerer reluctantly produced a strange looking gauntlet.

‘Alas!’ cried the stranger aloud, ‘ this is as I feared, but there is hope for your king! I bear it here, in this box.’

Another gift from the strange Gods of Mischief, Plague Gauntlets are very rarely found in pairs, yet when they are, one will note that the strange nature of Chaos can sometimes be merciful (see below).

Benefit: Usually found singly (more on that later) a Plague Gauntlet allows the wearer to make one touch attack per hour that can cause a horrible disease that causes any who fail a save versus magic to develop creeping buboes and ulcerations that turn the sufferer green and cause all rolls to be at -2 as they are in terribly distracting discomfort and unease. This effect usually lasts for a month and a day, after which time the sufferer recovers or (10% of the time) the disease is permanent and only a spell that reverses a curse, a Wish, Limited Wish or other magic will heal the afflicted. If a matched pair of these gauntlets touch those suffering from any disease, magical or not, even caused by one of these magical gauntlets, all disease will be healed and the afflicted will gain a once in a lifetime 1d6 hit point boost.

Usable by: Anyone.

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