[New Magic Item] Censer of the Gods

Censer of the Gods

Koram winced and grabbed his wounded arm, blood slowly dripped between his fingers.

‘I’ve got a bit of incense here, let me fire up this censer…’ began Valance.

‘Noooooooo!’ the others yelled collectively at the Priest of the Spider God.

‘It’s okay, I’ll heal up,’ the fighter said.

‘Besides,’ Chalk added,’ we don’t need to be pulling spiders out of our hair for a week!’

Plentiful and sometimes generously used, Censers of the Gods are welcome most anywhere, especially areas affected by conflict and battle. Just make sure that the devotees of strange gods don’t use them too much.

Benefit: A prized possession among many traveling practitioners of Divine Magic, a Censer of the Gods produces a healing smoke that heals 1d4 hit points to those within its billowing embrace (roughly a 30′ radius that is resistant to wind currents mundane and magical) and raises the morale of all within, making them also feel fed and full and as if they had just drank enough water for one day, erasing any cumulative effects from starvation or dehydration. The gods are fickle beings and each time this is used the main deity worshiped by the divine practitioner using this device will leave an imprint on the area, usually a five mile radius, that is indicative of what that god or goddess represents; for example a sun god will make the land sunny and bright one week, regardless of the surrounding weather, a deity of growth might boost plant growth in the affected area to supernatural levels, etc

Usable by: Clerics, priests and druids.

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