[New Magic Item] Skull of the Wolf-Father

Skull of the Wolf-Father

Valance made a face moments after a spider scuttled up one of his sleeves. Unsure of what had happened, Chalk felled compelled to ask if everything was alright.

‘From what I gather, there is a small warband following us, lead by a barbarian wearing a giant wolf’s skull.’

This explained the odd look, the priest of the Spider God was trying to interpret a message from one of his arachnid minions.

Koram came running into the camp moments later.

‘B-b-b-ig barbarian coming!’

The fighter was clearly shaken.

Valance wondered at the fear that was on Koram’s face then began a summoning spell.

‘What are you doing?’ Chalk asked.

‘I’m going to try to outscare them!’ Valance replied cheerfully.

‘Naturally,’ smirked the sorcerer.

Possibly the enchanted skull of the beloved warg of an ancient war-god, or maybe just the creation of a war wizard, this intimidating looking skull often is near and dear to many a savage war chieftain or barbarian leader.

Benefit: When donned this huge warg skull sits snugly atop the wearer’s head, granting them the following abilities; twice per day the wearer can cause Fear as the magic-user spell, as if cast by a 6th level magic-user, radius is 60′, saving throws apply. In addition, the wearer of this magic item may transform one weapon into another if another weapon would help kill more efficiently or be used as a tool, either way, carried weapon in main hand does 1d10+2 points of damage.

Usable by: Fighters of all types.

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