[New Spell] The Face of Disbelief

The Face of Disbelief

Valance crept into the shared room of the inn, one hand gently massaging his face.

‘This won’t fare well.’

‘Now what did you get into, bad spider juice?’ Chalk asked.

‘No. The high priestess of the Mantis Queen was giving a speech and I went to heckle….’

‘Is there going to be an ominous..’

Suddenly there was an ominous knock at the door. Koram grabbed his sword and Nudge his daggers.

The Face of Disbelief (Divine)

Level 2

Range: 40′ (plus 10′ per level)

Duration: One turn (ten minutes)

This cleric spell causes all who are opposed to the outlook of the caster to save versus spells at -1 or his or her face will suddenly deaden, becoming slack and devoid of emotion for one turn. The clever cleric will use this opportunity to rally the crowd, noting those who betray their true beliefs.

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